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Getting familiar with blackjack

Blackjack turns out to be the most popular board gambling game, both in land-based casinos and in online ones. It’s even actively played on mobile devices. No matter whether you intend to play it on your smartphone or attend an offline gambling joint, you need to be aware of the game’s basic rules. A great number of gambling platforms are used to making much money on those folks who aren’t aware of how to play this classic card game properly. If you are reluctant to belong to the group of these losers, hurry up to get familiar with this helpful guide. If you download a blackjack android app real money, it’ll be possible for you to practice this popular game.     

Blackjack goal

Aside from the dealer, maximum of 7 players can participate in the game. However, each of them plays against the croupier, regardless of the other folks at the table. To win, the player’s total points should be 21 or close to this number than the dealer’s total points. A hand, which has managed to score more than 21 points is considered dead and loses the bet.

The value of playing cards

The value of the player’s hand, as well as the dealer’s one, appears to be the sum of the nominal value of the cards of which it consists. All cards with pictures, including the queen, king as well as jack, have a value of 10. As for cards from 2 to 10, they have a value in accordance with the number. An ace can be played as 1 or 11, depending on the form it will constitute the best hand with. If the ace is played as 11, it’s considered “soft”. If it’s played as 1, then it is called “hard”. Well, the difference is that with a soft hand you can’t cause an overkill if you take another card with a picture. As for a hard hand, it can potentially lead to an overkill. To better understand it you require more practice. The easiest way to do it is to download the best real money blackjack app android and play the game.   

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The game process

Before it starts, all participants should make bets. Every player, including the dealer, gets two cards, either open or closed. Then, every player is allowed to take another card just to improve his hand. Moreover, the player might prefer not to take any extra cards. Such a move is known as a pass. As a rule, the croupier keeps drawing cards until he picks up a hand in the form of a solid 16. The croupier should stop as soon as he reaches 17.


The blackjack bonus is what has given the game its name. So, Blackjack is a situation when the first two cards that the player (or the dealer) receives are an ace and a card with a picture, which will be 21. On average, such a lucky thing will show up about once in 20 deals. Blackjack guarantees that the player wins the deal and also gets a payout of 3: 2 instead of the standard 1: 1 if the dealer doesn’t have blackjack at the same time as the player. In the case of a draw, all the chips that the player has placed on this hand will remain in the box, and the hand will be considered a draw. Test your knowledge of the game in this application blackjack android. 


It’s a situation that can take place in the first round of the game if the player has a hand of two identical cards. In this case, the player can split these cards into two different hands and play each of them separately. However, it will be necessary to make another bet on the second hand, and depending on the casino, the player will be able to make several splits in a row, up to 3 or 4, if he keeps getting the same cards. The only exception to this rule will be two aces, to which the player will be allowed to take only one extra card after the split.

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It’s a double bet on your first two cards. However, you should keep in mind that when using this option, you are allowed to take only one more card after the bet. You’d better use this option if you have a hand that can’t be played by overkill or a croupier has a hand with which he can easily make an overkill.


In this case, you decide not to continue dealing with a bad hand before you take another card. However, not all gambling joints allow players to do this. You will lose half of your original bet but it might be better than losing everything.   

Get the best blackjack app for android

Now you are welcome to choose from the most popular Android applications devoted to this classic card game. It’s a good opportunity to see how you understand the rules of this classic game.


It’s a free android blackjack apk from the best game developer for this platform. You’ll find excellent graphics, stylization of Vegas blackjack tables, the opportunity to participate in tournaments with real players online. You can also compete with artificial intelligence offline. Download this app on Google Play.

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Blackjack Strategy Practice

This best real money blackjack application is for those who want to achieve excellence in using different game strategies. Blackjack Strategy Practice is available for the two most common operating systems – Android and iOS. Each action comes with all the necessary explanations and recommendations. At any time, you can join the virtual tables and start playing. It’s recommended for anyone who wants to understand and learn how to use the theory of blackjack for free. Download this blackjack app real money android on Google Play.

Card Counter Free

That’s another android app blackjack real money for learning the skill of playing cards, available for users of Android gadgets. The developers paid great attention not only to the graphics but also to the functionality. Here, you’ll find a training mode, practical exercises as well as other options that will help improve your abilities in this application.

Blackjack Trainer Lite

Here we have training android blackjack real money,as the name suggests. Create a combination of rules and try to achieve maximum results during the game, as here you can not only train, but also play seriously. Determine which variety of blackjack you are achieving the best results with. Blackjack Trainer Lite is an essential tool for those who want to master the card game in all its diversity. This stuff is available for download for free.

BlackJack Multiplayer Vegas!

This app resembles the previous one. In BlackJack Multiplayer Vegas you’ll find an opponent from anywhere in the world. The program features excellent design and graphics, combined with an intuitive user interface. Create your own account for the game, log in through your Facebook profile or play without registration at all. Here users chat with each other, and you can send or receive a useful gift in this best blackjack app for android.

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