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Playing poker on the phone

Today, more and more people access the Internet from their mobile devices rather than from computers. Having a smartphone at hand is an opportunity to use any gambling services anywhere. The developers of the poker rooms were certainly quick at creating mobile versions of their platforms so that players could always have access to their resources.

Such applications have many advantages:

  • A variety of tables;
  • Fast work;
  • Customization of software.

Well, let’s assume you already know how to play poker, including all the rules. In this case, you won’t have any problems winning in the mobile version of the poker rooms.

Many poker apps offer to play at several tables at the same time. Perhaps, you may find it more difficult than doing on a desktop computer. However, as experienced players say, you only need to start playing from the phone and in a couple of days, you will get used to it.

In any application, there are games for real money as well as for casino tokens. So, you can learn to play at tables with weak opponents. After a while, you can shift to a higher level.

If you decide to play through the phone, you need to be sure that the Internet is stable and you will not lose your bet if you lose your connection at the most crucial moment. The same applies to battery power.

Be careful because in poker rooms users are offered generous bonuses for registration. Therefore, before installation, you should open a game account in the room. Once you complete your registration, you’ll receive a link to download the app.

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Evident benefits of using gambling poker apps 

Now let’s look at some of the main advantages of using such apps:

• Accessibility of the game: That’s certainly, the first and most important advantage. You can win money at any time, wherever you are;

• The ability to start a game in a few seconds: The most popular sites have thousands of users. Therefore, you do not have to wait longer than a minute to find opponents at the tables;

• When playing on a smartphone you will not lose anything: The developers retain all the necessary functionality on the app. So, you can get the maximum benefit from playing on the phone;

• Poker on a smartphone is a great option for those who miss their studies or work: You are welcome to come into your favorite game and win a couple of hands. Thus, you will stop wasting your valuable time in vain!

As you see, this software for phones is a great option for many users. Every day you can see the confirmation of this fact. These are thousands of players on various platforms for the game.

Mobile poker for real money: FAQ

Often, before users download software to their phones, they ask various questions about the features of mobile poker gambling. We have selected the most popular questions for you and immediately answered them.

Do I need to make a deposit to start playing mobile poker?

No, you do not have to transfer money to your account to start the game in any of the poker rooms. All sites offer a virtual currency game mode and some sites offer generous registration bonuses. For example, you can get a no deposit bonus from a number of casinos and can use it when playing for money on your smartphone.

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How to make the first deposit?

You can transfer money to your account using your device. For this purpose, you require going to the “Cashier” menu and choosing the “Deposit” tab. Top poker rooms offer various ways to replenish the account. The most popular payment systems will be available for the transaction.

In order to understand whether this particular application offers a good poker room or a bad one, you should find out if it meets certain criteria. These are the distinctive features of a reputable app:

• A variety of types of poker, tournaments, the ability to choose the size of bets, the number of people at the tables;

• An active cash desk enabling you to deposit and withdraw funds;

• Various settings: You can configure both game control and program design;

• Good speed and no interference in the connection.

Make the most of a real gambling poker app

If you are bored to tears and want to have a good time when going on a trip, you are welcome to use these great five mobile applications:   


A lot of beginners are trying to find preflop poker charts to understand at what point and with what hands to make an open raise or 3bet. However, the charts are a relic of the past. PreflopAdvisor program is a gambling poker app real money and a preflop game adviser that will give you a much better result than any chart. You just drive your situation at the table, and the program tells you what to do. Thanks to this application, you can optimize your preflop strategy.

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To become a professional poker player, you need to know the mathematics of this popular game. The given application gives you scripts and tests your knowledge. Learning the basics of math poker is the key to making money and this app will help you.

Poker Helper

Poker Helper turns out to be a program for beginners, which will help you to learn the rules of poker, combinations, and find out the probability of winning the hand. Poker Helper was created specifically for dummies. It’s very easy to use this bet real money poker app.

Free Poker Calculator

Poker Calculator is a free poker real money gambling phone app. It can calculate the probability of winning for given community cards and player’s hands in the game of Texas Hold’em. That’s a perfect calculator for live poker because you do not need to indicate all the cards in the hands of players or all common hands (cards on the board). You can indicate discarded (open) cards. Offline users will appreciate it.

Poker Guide HD

It’s a complete guide to teaching poker, enabling you to learn everything from combinations and rules to tips for professionals on how to improve your game. There’s no doubt it’s the best poker gambling app.

We have just reviewed the best mobile applications to play poker. So, you are free to pick up any poker gambling application suiting you best of all and download it from the Play Store or AppStore.

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