How Does a Croupier Deceive Blackjack Players

How Does a Croupier Tricks Blackjack Players Into Losing?

Probably every experienced player understands that theoretically any croupier can deceive, and I will tell you how they can do it. But first, I want to please you: not all gambling clubs deceive their guests. First of all, it is illegal. And in case of fraud disclosure, a gambling operator will be deprived of the license, and the institution will be closed. But the main reason is that a decent casino values its reputation very much. There is no point to stop getting on with guests. Unfair and unprofessional work will cause the lack of guests and decrease profit.

Six Ways to Deceive a Player

We’ve found out that few casinos resort to deception of clients. Some casinos possibly act in such ways but they are usually small and unknown. A casino with good reputation won’t make it possible. The reckless gamblers are their profitable business.

It’s time to tell the tricks dealers use to deceive their blackjack players.

The first way: there are no some cards in a deck. This is the easiest and most understandable way of croupier’s fraud. Having removed some cards from the deck, the croupier reduces the player’s chances of making a winning combination. If “accidentally” at least one ace gets lost, then it will not be so easy to assemble the “blackjack” combination. If you are an experienced player, you probably have already analyzed this situation and realized that it is easy for the client to calculate such a scam by counting the cards during the game. Yes, blackjack card counting is a very popular trick, but such ability is not so easy to learn. Moreover, an experienced dealer knows with whom it could be worked and who is better not to cheat. If the players drink or make a conversation during the game it won’t be difficult.

The second way: a shuffled deck in a shoe. In condition, cards in a shoe have been dealt in specially shuffled order (for losing) client’s session will finish at one shuffle.
The third way: shuffle tracking. Every card in the deck stacked against you. A croupier is able to cut the card deck into two parts before the game during Chemmy-shuffle. One part has a group or slug of high cards, the other one has low ones. The croupier’s task is to give the player the right part. If you’re playing a casino table game like blackjack and you know the order of the cards do you think you can win?

The fourth way: marked cards. It’s well-known fraud. The dealers of the casino put on the cards the most inconspicuous marks. But for the scam a dealer needs an accomplice becoming a participant in the game. As a rule, he takes a place in the last box. The task of the fictitious guest is to play up the dealer in such a way that he could collect the best combination as possible.

The fifth way: a specially prepared blackjack shoe. There are many ways for dealer to see the cards that are pulled from a blackjack shoe, for example, specially placed mirrors. Then, it is only for the sleight of hand and miscalculation. Players will lose the chance to beat the dealer.

The sixth way: late betting. Both dealers and casino customers could use this method of fraud. They raise a stake while betting had finished if someone has noticed a good card combination. On the contrary, they reduce a stake.

How Can We Avoid a Dealer-Swindler?

Most of the methods of deception are simple. Even inexperienced dealer is able to resort to such fraud.

So, there are five rules for a successful blackjack game:
The main rule is to choose a casino with a good reputation. Any fraud could be detected, so eminent gambling houses do not allow to deceit their customers. If there are bad rumors about the casino running around a town, the business will burn.

Don’t drink at the gambling table. Alcohol is not only hinders thinking out the strategy of the game, but also has a negative impact on the player’s attention. The client under alcohol under influence will not notice even the simplest deceit. Many casinos offer free alcohol products. It’s hard to refuse when the restaurant treats. But this is the key to success.
Sometimes a client does not need to be drunk to skip the deception of the croupier. It is enough to be distracted by conversations or emotionally react to the game process and you can miss the illegal manipulation of the dealer.

If you do not understand the rules of blackjack, you’ll skip the cheating tricks. Remind all the rules before sitting at the table especially if there is a round of non-standard version of blackjack.

Make it clear to the croupier that you are following his actions and know the rules of blackjack perfectly. If you are not strong in blackjack, let your opponent know that the whole process of the game will be under your control. Ask questions, follow the actions of the dealer, concentrate on the process of the game as much as possible – conversations and drinking are not allowed.

In conclusion. Perhaps gambling and cardsharpers appeared at the same time. It is impossible to imagine a world of excitement without swindlers who want to earn dishonestly. Don’t forget there is a legal way to win at blackjack table – counting cards at a blackjack table. I wish you luck and only an honest dealer at your gambling track.

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